My name is Chuck, owner of KCK.  I have been a full time dog owner since I could feed myself.  I have cared for
dogs almost all of my life.  They have meant more to me than anything on earth.  I have based my living style on
my dogs, like a person would for their spouse or children.  I have owned and cared for or been exposed to almost
every top breed of dog there is.  I have also experienced many dog activities such as obedience training, security
training, tracking and care-giving.  I recently retired and have now reached my ultimate goal - a kennel and dogs
which I will devote my years of experience, heart, and soul into - the Canis Panther. Move over Rin Tin Tin, Lassie,
and Petey (of the Little Rascals), there is a new breed in town - the Canis Panther. The Canis Panthers has all the
great traits and character of all these dogs and more.  They are the most impressive dogs I have ever had the
privilege to own.  I would say they have the courage, intelligence, loyalty, and character that anyone would want
from a dog.  They are also the most beautiful specimen of a dog you will every see.  They have a very athletic
build, shiny coats in a variety of colors, and have no known defects or physical weaknesses. I want to share
these wonderful dogs with people who can really appreciated what I believe is and will be one of the world's top
canine.  I am putting all of my heart and soul into making this a strong certified breed for the home, family, and
personal protection